Executive summary

By the year 20112 Sri Lanka in its hospitality sector with all the registered hotels, had only 19,000 rooms to offer and only 540,000. Tourist patronized Sri Lanka last year from the foreign market.

This year under the guidance of our President in year 2016 the Tourist Board is expecting a sum of 2.5 million tourists to patronize Sri Lanka.
Already with a lot of crisis’s coming to a full stop, the country has started rebuilding and expanding in a big scale. Especially there are a lot of new hotels that are coming up and a lot of foreigners who are also investing in these projects.

This year most of the competitors have moved out of the market and the others have decided to give services from overseas, the existing hotels that are using solutions are considering in local companies to obtain local solutions, this gives us more advantage and a high potential since we withhold most number of successful implementations in the hospitality sector, this has led as this year in confirmation to most number of tourist especially which consists related to the Metro and Grater Metropolitan meaning more of Business class tourist visiting Sri Lanka who will be one of our most expected tourists which we’ll be concentrating a lot on promoting along with the existing market share of the local customers.